There is so much that you might want to know right now.

Let's see....

I've never done this before....will I be ok?

Along with a booklet of instructions and suggested excellent video tutorials, your main struggle will be what will I make first?  As with anything, skills will improve with practice. The main development happens with finger sensitivity. You learn the right pressure to squeeze with. Go gently to start and remember you can always start again.

What do I do if it stuffs up?

Start again. Roll the clay up together and bash the air out of it, then start pinching again. If it gets dry, add a moist paper towel over it for 10 minutes.

How do I start?

Get a feel for what you want to make. Start with looking at inspiration on our Pinterest account and then try to make the same shape or technique. As you gain skills you will want to create your own ideas.

How long will it take?

A pot could take 1 hour? Initial form might take 30 minutes and then tweaking the surface could take another 30 minutes? Then you may leave it over night or a few hours and then decorate it with glazes supplied. Then let it dry slowly over a week and return it to clay habit to fire. We will contact you when it is done.

What if I need more clay?

Contact us and purchase extra clay from the website.

What if I have left over clay/glazes/tools I don't want?

Return them to us to practice sustainable consumption. We will donate them to other people who may need supplies. 

How are you being sustainable?

We have tried to be as sustainable as we can. Our boxes are all FSC Certified (forest stewardship council), the glaze comes in glass jars for the recyclable quality, tools are wooden and metal, clay comes in a lined paper bag. Suggestions always welcomed.  

My glaze has gone hard...

Depending on the container, sometimes the glazes dry out a little...or a lot. You can add water to loosen them up. It should be the consistency of whipping cream. Alternatively, just email us and we can replace it for you. 

If we have left anything out, send us an email here